3 months ago we took a new client. It was a surgery clinic located in Arkansas Little Rock.

At first we decided to handle their Social Media Engagement and then move on to bigger things like PPC and Internet Branding to increase their traffic. The best thing about this is the results that we’re an increase of traffic of 153% in just 2 months since we started thus bringing on 32 new clients and about 100 prospects that are searching for services that our clients are offering.

How did we achieve this? We started by managing a their social media profiles and started engaging their fains. Needless to say that this strategy brought instant results but the fans we’re not so targeted as we would have wanted so we decided to start targeting keywords like breast augmentation little rock ar and such to improve the targeted traffic to the site. After only 1 month we brought 10 clients and the client was very happy with the work provided.

In return, this client has referred us to his friends and we now took on 3 more clients because of 1 happy customer. This is what referral based marketing does.…


Internet marketing can be confusing for some because of the many methods you find. Given below are few tips to help you get clear and understand what you need to do as a successful Internet marketer.It is because of internet marketing that you are now able to keep a watchful eye on your competitors.With the help of simple online research it is possible to watch your competition from afar. Knowing your competition will let you market your products better and in a more effective manner.

You see, the fact is that you must know what the competition is doing and how they are doing it in order to succeed with your own campaigns. YES, there are a variety of tools available that help you learn and abundance about your competition. Online marketing makes the whole “copy the best” concept simple because when you know how others are doing something effectively, you can simply copy and modify their techniques to suite your own needs.

Once you have figured out what makes them tick you have access to a whole new world of opportunities. It will drive your desire to succeed to new levels. The best way to keep internet marketing from stagnating is to keep innovating, which can only be doe with a healthy balance of competition, giving you a trail to follow to more improvement and more highly advanced techniques. Your consistent singular direction SEO will increase your ratings over others who aren’t consistent. It is very important for you to understand this tip. Making one technique work consistently is important. Not allowing your method to actually work and jumping to another method too soon can be detrimental to your success.

If you really want to be a successful Internet marketer then you simply need to take one step after another, consistently, until you meet success.Use social networking as a means of marketing to your target audience. You should take into consideration the power of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace and blog spot when it comes to getting your traffic to be in your target niche. You will gain followers by creating social media sites for your website. Ask your “friends” to follow your site on Twitter by targeting specific niches and following them. It’s not how many followers you have that makes a difference it’s how targeted you make them. Making your targeted niche followers aware of your offerings via tweets is the way to go. Not giving enough merit to the power of Twitter marketing is not a mistake you should make. If you are looking for methods on how to get a ton of followers on instagram then you should check the link provided.

There is no difference between online marketing and offline marketing. A functional internet marketing ploy requires common sense to ensure everything is working as it was designed.…

By all means, any business needs it, be it small or big, but what is branding? What does it consists of?

The main problem is that small business don’t understand why would they need a branding strategy, they think that this would be a waste of money and let me tell you that you can easily waste money with branding, That’s why you need to hire a specialized PR solutions firm that knows and has the methods to do it right.

A correct marketing strategy can make a big difference between you and your competitors, and this can bring an edge to your business model because customers will unknowingly  choose you over your competitors because they know you, they heard of you and this creates trust in your products.

Branding is all about creating a relationship with your customers, making them believe in your and thus buying your products over competitions products.

Many companies offer ”package branding solutions” and this alone should steer you away from those companies because for an effective marketing strategy you will need tailor made solutions for you and your company. You can’t apply the same strategy to an Auto Repair and a Brick&Mortar business because that wouldn’t suit either one or another, or even both.

How important is creating a plan before taking action?

Being in this marketing space for over 5 years you start to see and hear horror stories about other companies in the same field as you. I’ve had several clients over the time that said they hired a company with their branding which had a custom template already made and used that for all of their customers. He ditched them in a few months as he didn’t see any results from their branding and tried creating a strategy himself. It turned out that his self made solution was more effective by 156% than the strategy used before.

But considering the time he was putting into it turned out it would be better to try another agency, and let me say, when he came to us and told us he made his own branding I was politely going to refuse him as a client because most of these business owners, who make their own branding, expect results in matter of weeks and it’s impossible to do that for most businesses.

The thing that made me change my mind was how insistent he was in hiring us, and after reaching a verbal agreement that if things ”go south” we will immediately stop any work and our contract would be cancelled.

But after seeing his strategy I was amazed to see how good it was and how he managed to do it with only doing some internet reading.

We manage to bring his business in online space, in local radio, newspapers and doing some other things that I would prefer not to talk about because every agency has it’s own secrets.

Doing these we increased his customer base by an amazing 345% in the first 5 months of working with him. I really liked working with this client because he already had some strong concepts about it and we didn’t have to explain a concept too many time for him to understand it.


In the next couple of weeks I will show you some of the strategies we used on this business to increase it’s customer base.

To be continued.…